Skin Resurfacing

Fractionated Resurfacing

We combine fractional technology with the more aggressive power of the Sciton Erbium laser to produce more dramatic results than traditional fractional CO2 lasers.

This technology improves sun­ damaged skin, reducing fine and deeper wrinkles and provides natural skin tightening through the generation of new collagen within the skin. It also improves stretch marks and impressively treats acne scars, which can be difficult to improve with other lasers. This is the perfect option for a patient who desires a more youthful appearance within minimal downtime; patients traditionally heal and are applying makeup in approximately 5 days.

Deep Resurfacing

Sciton’s Contour TRL is the deepest resurfacing option available to patients. This option is the most effective treatment for deeper wrinkles, including those pesky lines around the lips and eyes. This technology offers a unique advantage over CO2 lasers.

Heat generation within the skin through the use of both Erbium and CO2 technologies is responsible for its collagen generating and skin tightening abilities. However, too much heat can be a double­-edged sword…it is also responsible for the long healing time often associated with traditional CO2 lasers. Erbium lasers allow us to titrate up or down the amount of heat we want to generate in the skin. This is an enormous advantage in reducing the healing time of patients compared to traditional CO2 lasers. While recovery is longer than the fractionated resurfacing treatments, the results obtained in one treatment session are more dramatic.