Scars are a common, and often expected, result of inflammation in the skin or traumatic injury to the skin. Scars are classified by their shape and depth in the skin, and this classification impacts the treatments we select to improve them.

Treatments vary, but include:

  • Topical tretinoin and other collagen stimulators and brightening agents
  • Chemical peels
  • Subcision, a technique that utilizes a needle to sever the fibrous attachments of scars to the deeper layers of tissue
  • Fractional resurfacing utilizing our erbium or picosecond lasers
  • Intense pulsed light technology to improve the redness of scars
  • Dermal fillers to elevate depressed scars

Our providers utilize and often combine these state-of-the-art treatments to improve the appearance of scars, often times in patients who had previously thought that no effective treatments existed.