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Tattoo Removal

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About Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo you no longer want, help is within reach at Thomas Dermatology, with two locations in Las Vegas and one in Henderson, Nevada, as well as offices in Bullhead City, Kingman, and Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The experienced dermatology team uses advanced PicoSure® laser technology to eliminate unwanted tattoos to give you the smooth, clear skin you desire. Call the nearest office to learn more about tattoo removal or schedule an appointment online today.

This was my first visit at Thomas Dermatology and I’m so grateful with the genuine kindness by the staff! I was quite nervous for my appointment but was given some words of encouragement and calmed down quickly! I’m so grateful for them!
Kathryn D.
Dr. Hand was kind, compassionate and honest. I am thrilled and grateful that after one month of having the procedure the deep incision on my cheek is healing beyond my expectations.
Dawn W.
Vanessa Benes is the best! Caring, listens, down to earth, just all around great person & PA. I’m usually in and out within 30 minutes yet never feel rushed. Office is very organized and timely. I see Vanessa and so do my kids absolutely recommend.
Leray A.
Susie Smith has treated me for 10 years. I cannot express enough what excellent care she gives. Very thorough yearly skin checks. She has put my eczema in remission. Cleared up my acne and keeps my face and skin beautiful.
Annie T.
I always have great results with Christine Crovetti. Christine is a perfectionist. She takes her time and is very informative to what you request. I highly recommend her services.
Lorry M.
I got there right on time for my appointment and was called back immediately. Everyone from the nurse to the doctor was exceptional! Very patient, informative, and friendly!
Danny S.
Dr. Lieberman is personable, caring and very thorough. He’s been my dermatologist for over 10 years and he always takes time to discuss issues with me and answer any questions I might have. I never feel rushed and always believe I get the best medical care from him.
Patricia C.
Jordan Spoon was very professional and related really well to my 11 year old who was very nervous to be there. I would highly recommend her.
Marv H.
This is the third dermatology practice I have visited and the first one that treated me with professionalism and skill. I would definitely recommend this practice.
Joanne B.
Reylina was warm yet knowledgeable and professional, and delightful to visit with during my facial. I didn’t feel like she was trying to sell me on any products or services that wouldn’t benefit me and my specific skin type. Would 100% recommend!
Jennie T.
We love Dr. Michaels and Thomas Dermatology. They have been taking care of us for over 25 years, they have helped our whole family.
Annie B.
I took my 7 year old granddaughter to Thomas Dermatology and everyone there was very helpful, professional. Kylee was very patient with my granddaughter. Highly recommend!
Jeanette M.
Great experience as a first time patient. The check in was easy and the receptionist was very professional and friendly. Dr. Corbett was very friendly and easy to talk to about my concerns. She has a great disposition and is a good listener.
Andrew H.
I have been going to Thomas Dermatology for many years, starting at Post Road and now at the Centennial office. I have always been treated with kindness and with utmost professionalism.
Linda O.
It was amazing experience. The staff at the front desk were very friendly. I was taking back on time with no extra wait time. Terry Davis is amazing and very good at what he does. I was in out from the moment I walked in to back in car within 30 minutes.
Dan K.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

What is tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal at Thomas Dermatology uses PicoSure laser technology to safely and effectively get rid of tattoo pigment without surgery or downtime. PicoSure is the most advanced laser treatment available, targeting unwanted blues, greens, and many other ink colors.

What are the benefits of PicoSure tattoo removal?

Some of the many benefits you can experience with tattoo removal using PicoSure technology at Thomas Dermatology include:

  • Fewer treatments
  • Highly effective results
  • Faster recovery times
  • Clear, smooth skin
  • Younger-looking skin
  • No needles
  • No surgery
  • No downtime
  • Self-confidence

PicoSure lasers work using energy pulses that target and break apart pigment, reducing its appearance and helping your body eliminate it over time.

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Is tattoo removal right for me?

To find out if you’re a candidate for tattoo removal at Thomas Dermatology, your specialist reviews your medical history, discusses your desired outcome, and examines your tattoo. 

PicoSure lasers work well on all skin colors and types. If you have a tattoo you don’t like, chances are, tattoo removal is right for you.

Your provider lets you know what to expect during tattoo removal and how to prepare for your treatment.

What happens during tattoo removal?

Prior to tattoo removal at Thomas Dermatology, your specialist can numb the treatment area. While you relax in a comfortable chair, they use a handheld device to emit laser energy into targeted areas of your skin. 

You wear special glasses to protect your eyes from the light of the laser. The time each treatment session lasts depends on the size, shape, and color of your tattoo.

What should I expect after tattoo removal?

After tattoo removal treatments, your skin may be a little red, swollen, or tender, but these side effects don’t last long. 

Make sure to keep the treatment area clean and protect your skin from the sun. The Thomas Dermatology team often recommends a series of treatments spaced apart to give you the best results.

Don’t live with a tattoo you don’t love when PicoSure tattoo removal is safe and highly effective. Call the nearest Thomas Dermatology office or schedule an appointment online today.