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She is a sad and terrible representation of what a physician should be. I will never see her again and I hope she no longer sees patients. When she walked into the room, she immediately said that she would not prescribe my medication because I was not on birth control. Before I could explain why I am not currently on birth control, she began to walk out of the room and before closing the door told me that "in 21 years of dermatology I have never seen a prescription like yours". When I told her that I had multiple friends who have had the exact same prescription, she had no response for me and closed the door. Overall, I was treated like I was an idiot for listening to my dermatologist I had been seeing while living in California and was not even given the opportunity to explain my past medical history or experiences with other medications. I have no issue with her choice to not prescribe the medication; however, her attitude and the way she handled the situation was abhorrent. I have never felt so belittled or treated so poorly. I came to her office hoping for help and instead I was treated like I was stupid for following my doctors orders. As a first year medical student, she perfectly represented why I want to become a doctor, to make sure that no one I ever see feels like I did that morning. She is a sad and terrible representation of what a physician should be. I will never see her again and I hope she no longer sees patients until she changes how she interacts and speaks to patients.

Amandine R. | Jul 21, 2024

Dr listened to my concerns and addressed them. She explained any future visits and cost so I would be aware

KAROLYN F. | Jul 19, 2024

I feel very comfortable with everybody in the office

Martha M. | Jul 19, 2024

Wonderful doctor. Full body check Removed growth PAINLESSLY. Wonderful staff. Thank you Veronica. Will be back.

IVY G. | Jul 18, 2024

Arianny Perrino is an excellent Dermatologist. She corrected my horrible skin problem in record time and while doing so she explained every detail required to cure my skin problem. I am indebted to her.

DAVID J M. | Jul 18, 2024

Vanessa is the commensurate professional who provides excellent service. Her practice is through, rapid and comprehensive.

George F. | Jul 17, 2024

Fantastic organization!! Had a great experience yesterday during my visit. PA Bree Simon and staff are absolutely amazing!! Pa Simon is extremely knowledgable, professional and quickly took care of all my dermal concerns. Highly recommend them to anyone with dermatology requirements!!!

CAM K. | Jul 17, 2024

Very professional visit. They made me feel very comfortable with the “mole check”. Also gave me some great advice.

SUSAN L. | Jul 17, 2024

I'm a long-term patient at Thomas Dermatology, after having melanoma in my 20's and have seen numerous practitioners, next to Dr Thomas himself - Susie is my favorite. She's caring, diligent and gets me in and out quickly for my checkups, gives honest advice for skin treatments. I always recommend her for anyone looking for a dermatologist.

Meghan R. | Jul 16, 2024